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Finance, Payment Cards & Banking

The currency

The Swiss franc

The Swiss franc is the currency of the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is issued by the Swiss National Bank and is divided into 100 centimes. Its abbreviation according to ISO 4217 is CHF, in German Fr., in the other languages fr.

Banknotes of Switzerland

Open bank account

In many Swiss banks people in need of protection can open an account for their livelihood with their passport and permission S:

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be used almost anywhere in Switzerland. In addition to credit cards, direct transfers are still very common. For instant payments between people and also for the online purchase of goods, Switzerland also has a tailor-made and widely used solution (mobile app) called TWINT.

International Payments

For international payments and to maintain control over your credit card payments, we can also recommend revolut (RevolutApp). Revolut is available for Ukrainians and offers advanced control over their credit card, instant notification of payments, interbank exchange rates on weekdays it is free.

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