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SIM Cards & mobile subscriptions

Roaming costs for calls to Ukraine canceled :fire:

Sunrise, Swisscom and Salt temporarily cover the cost of calls to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Switzerland. The offer is partly temporary.

Free SIM card for Ukrainian refugees :fire:

For Ukrainian refugees who own the refugee status S or want to apply for it and are at least 18 years old, Swisscom is offering a free SIM card with unlimited internet and unlimited calls throughout Switzerland.

Getting a SIM Card & Subscription

All SIM cards in Switzerland need to be registered with a valid official document. Drivers licenses are not accepted. Often SIM cards for contracts imply a setup fee of up to CHF 40.-. There are three major network providers and a number of smaller service providers using one of those networks. Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom are the network providers. Sunrise and Swisscom have the best coverage, Salt usually has the cheapest offers.

Service Options

There are many options varying from prepaid, prepaid with surf or calling options, to post paid contracts and flat rates. The following site allows you to compare various mobile offers:

Telecom / Mobile Provider

Network coverage of the different network providers

The network coverage maps show where reception is possible with which provider. If possible, check before signing a contract whether reception is really possible in your accommodation.