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Emergency Numbers

The following telephone numbers can be used to call the emergency services throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. In telephone booths, the emergency numbers can be dialed free of charge. With mobile phones, they can also be dialed directly and without area code free of charge.

In Switzerland 911 is no emergency number

Emergency | 112

The European emergency number 112 also works in Switzerland. It connects directly to the nearest emergency center.

Police | 117

You need help? You can call the police on phone 117:

Fire brigade | 118

If there is a fire, call the fire brigade on phone 118:

Paramedics | 144

In case of a medical emergency, call the paramedics on phone 144:

Tox Center / Poisoning | 145

If poisoning is suspected, call the Tox Center on the phone 145. Try to provide the following information:

Sorrow Phone | 143

Tel 143 - The “Helping Hand” Line is there around the clock for people who need a helping and supportive conversation. Tel 143 is an emergency number not only for people in massive crises. The Swiss helpline offers callers complete anonymity.